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Press Releases

22-June-1998 MP's vote to equalise Age of Consent
12-June-1998 Mass 'Vigil for Equality' outside Parliament, (Age of Consent Vote, 22nd June)
01-June-1998 Mass 'Vigil for Equality' outside Parliament, (night of the Age of Consent Vote)
30-April-1998 Equality Alliance calls for repeal of Section 28
05-April-1998 Equality Alliance launched on 4th April


Lesbian Information Service: Publications List
GALHA submission to the Home Office Sex Offences Review
OutRage! submission to the Home Office Sex Offences Review
Double standards: discrimination against gay men in the criminal justice system Paper at Sex Offences Meeting, 8-March-1999
Sex Offences (Amendment) Bill -- Parliamentary Briefing Paper at Sex Offences Meeting, 8-March-1999
Sex Offences in England and Wales Paper at Sex Offences Meeting, 8-March-1999
Letter to the 'Church Times'
Review of Science Textbooks for Key Stage 4, for treatment of Human Sexuality
Age of Consent: Jack Straw's letter to Ann Keen
Gay Liberation Front Manifesto -- London, 1971
Issue 1 of GLF Magazine Come Together -- November 1970
Chronology [under development]


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Equality Alliance Contact List

General Enquiries and Administration: 07050-611 902
Action Coordinator: 07050-611 903
Lobbying Coordinator: 07050-611 904
Legal Coordinator: 07050-611 905
Public Relations and Education: 07050-611 906
Finance Coordinator: 07050-611 907
Scotland, Ireland, and Europe Liaison: 07050-611 908

Or write to:

Equality Alliance,
P.O. Box 21340,


Mailing List

      You can subscribe to the Equality Alliance list automatically by sending email to subscribe@equalityalliance.org.uk, containing a line in the body of the message

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E.A. News

New Site, as from 19-April-1999

      EA News is a brand new service offered by the Equality Alliance to increase the volume, accuracy and impartiality of news reporting relating to LGBT issues.

      EA News is a fast, accurate and factual news relay service released every Monday. In a ‘Reuters’ style format it will share objective LGBT community news and information around the British Isles and inevitably Europe and the Rest of the World.

      EA News allows you to contact the originator direct for further information. It is impartial and unbiased. EA News does not contain any editorial comment, only concise, constructive news relating to LGBT issues.

      EA News is disseminated free to all subscribers. In order to increase circulation and awareness we encourage the further dissemination of EA News throughout other lists and to additional organisations.

      EA News is designed to be made available to all members of our communities through its reproduction and delivery to local pubs and clubs where self funding allows. When redistributing, please add your organisation’s name to the bottom of the publication: "Reproduced and delivered to you by ______."

Posting of News

      Any affiliate of the Equality Alliance can post information to the EA News relay.

      All copy must be submitted by 10 p.m. Friday evening for release the following Monday.

      You should include:

In certain cases we will contact you to verify the content of your message. Submissions can also be faxed to 0181-248 9107.

(N.B. The EA News team reserves the right to edit copy only where deemed appropriate and necessary)


      The weekly bulletin will be posted on the Alliance list, (see above). In addition, each EANews affiliate will get one. The information may be forwarded to other lists, (if approved by the list manager), and also reproduced as hard copy.

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