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      The Equality Alliance is currently coordinating a number of initiatives in which you can participate.

Mass Lobby on the Age of Consent

      The Age of Consent vote will be held at the end of May or early in June. If we are to attempt to get any further legislation passed in Parliament, it is vital that we demonstrate to the Government that it will be possible by ensuring that a very large majority is in favour of an equal age of consent. Then and only then will the Government evaluate whether it is possible to look at amending other legislation which affects our right for equality.

      The EA is therefore urging everyone to lobby their MPís up and down the country by both attending their surgeries and writing to them in the lead up to the vote at the end of May/June.

      There will also be a mass lobby of Parliament on the eve of the vote. We will provide more details very shortly. Everyone will be encouraged to attend. Every politician must be made aware of the impact of this vote We must therefore work together, not just to achieve equality -- but to achieve an overwhelming majority.

      Member organisations of the EA have already provided guidance notes on how to lobby successfully. Contact the Equality Alliance for guidance on any of the issues or contact either Stonewall, YouthSpeak, or the NUS direct. We are happy to supply their contact details.

      The Equality Alliance Lobby Coordinator, Lionel Wright, can be contacted on 07050-611904.

10th Anniversary of Section 28

Demonstration on Sunday May 24th

      The 10th anniversary of Section 28. falls on Sunday, May 24th. Already there are many groups around the country that are planning to demonstrate in local town centres.

      The Equality Alliance urges all groups and individuals to set up peaceful demonstrations in your local areas all on the same day, as a country-wide show of strength by the community that Section 28 should be repealed. Taking part in this day will also heighten the awareness of the issue before the London 'Pride' March, the theme of which this year is also the repeal of Section 28.

      To find out if a demonstration is already being planned near you in which you can take part, or to obtain advice in setting up your demonstration, contact the Equality Alliance Action Coordinator, Cath Fletcher, on the Equality Alliance Action number 07050-611903.

Petition to Repeal Section 28

      Many groups are currently petitioning for the repeal of Section 28. YouthSpeak will be delivering their petition to Downing Street at 11:00 - 11:30 a.m. on Monday, 25th May by Chris Morris and a gathering of MPís. If you are planning to deliver your petition as well, please contact the Equality Alliance Lobby Coordinator, Lionel Wright, on 07050-611904 to coordinate with YouthSpeak and maximise all our efforts and resources.

      If you would like to add to a petition and have not already done so, please sign and distribute the YouthSpeak petition and then return it to their offices:

27, Old Gloucester Street,
Tel: 0181-354 2592


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