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Night of the Age of Consent Vote, 22nd June


      The Equality Alliance (EA) is organising a vigil outside the House of Commons on the night of the Age of Consent vote, between 6 and 10 p.m..

      The debate is scheduled to take place on Monday, 22nd June, starting at 3:00 p.m.. Voting on the pro-gay amendments, including the Age of Consent, is not expected until the evening.

      The Alliance urges everyone who is able to get to Westminster on the evening of the vote to attend the vigil, to support those MP's who are supporting us; and to give encouragement to those who may be wavering.

      Recent reports have indicated that we can no longer count on an overwhelming majority of MP's. The antigay lobby has mounted a very successful letter-writing campaign: and a number of MPs have reported that they have been receiving a large postbag opposing an equal age of consent, but few or no letters in support.

      It is imperative not only that we obtain an equal age of consent, but to achieve this by as large a majority as we possibly can. This is in order to send a clear signal to the Government that there is support for legislative reform in favour of L/G/B/T equality. -- Even with an equal age of consent, there will still be many inequalities remaining to be removed.

      The Age of Consent amendment to the Crime and Disorder Bill has been tabled by Ann Keen.

      Dr. Evan Harris has also tabled an amendment, to remove gay men from the Sex Offenders' register, which has also been scheduled for debate on the 22nd.

For further information contact:

Helen Redwood, Action Coordinator: 07050-61.19.03

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Last modified: 16-June-1998