EuroFlashMob - 16.5.2009 - Eurovision Song Contest

Stop Airport Expansion!   |   Stop à l'expansion des aéroports!   |   Stopp Flughafenausbau!   |   Stop uitbreiding vliegvelden   |   Stop meadu an aerfort!

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Simultaneous flashmobs against airport expansion across Europe

"A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse." (Wikipedia)

Following the success of recent UK anti-airport expansion flashmobs at demonstrating opposition to airport expansion, flashmobs are going international! On Saturday 16th May 2009 there will be simultaneous flashmobs happening at London Heathrow, Dublin, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt and Amsterdam Schiphol airports.


Stop uitbreiding vliegvelden

Saturday 16th May, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam

International Airport Flashmob!

The Dutch government has just released an aviation white paper promoting airport expansion. But expanding our dependence on aviation displaces local communities, destroys green land, and the aircraft pump toxic gases high up into the air, damaging our health and contributing to climate change!

Join us at Schiphol to say NO! to airport expansion!

Meet at: Arrivals 2 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Saturday 16th May at 12:00 – Midday **exactly**

Email for more details, or if you want a T-shirt to flash on the day.

Belgian flag BRUSSELS

Brussels airport



Irish flag DUBLIN

Stop meadu an aerfort!

Meet at 9 a.m. at Garden of Remembrances, to get breakfast and T-shirts nearby.

Or go to departures with your red T-shirts and reveal them at 12 p.m.


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Email for more details, or if you want a T-shirt to flash on the day.

Deutsche Fahne FRANKFURT

Rhein-Main-Airport, Frankfurt

Samstag, den 16. Mai

Mittag 12

Terminal 1, Abflug

Stopp Flughafenausbau!


Join Heathrow campaigners in the Europe-wide Flash Mob

Saturday 16th May 2009 - the day of the Eurovision Song Contest!

12 noon - on the dot! - flash your red T-shirt

Terminal 1 Departures


Invite people to the Euroflashmob on Facebook

Colour Poster [PDF]

Black and white flier [PDF]:  Front   Back

Flickr pictures -

Drapeau français PARIS - CHARLES DE GAULLE

Roissy 2 - Terminal 2 departure

11h, Samedi 16 mai - le jour de la eurovision song contest

Cette manifestation sera courte, colorée, ludique, une confrontation européenne en chansons.

Stop à l'expansion des aéroports!

Communiqué de Presse

No-Entry sign superimposed on aeroplane flying over roof