OutRage! is urging that next year's Euro-Pride celebrations in London include a Pride Human Rights Festival.

      For several years, London's Pride events have incorporated the Pride Arts Festival. Why not have a Pride Human Rights Festival too?

      Next year London hosts Euro-Pride. How about a Pride Human Rights Festival with a European theme? OutRage! has written to Amnesty International U.K., suggesting that they help coordinate such an event.

      Issues that could be explored at the Pride Human Rights Festival include. --

1) European legal strategies
In the Lisa Grant case, the European Court of Justice upheld the right of employers to discriminate against gay staff. But four ex-military personnel are still fighting in the European Court of Human Rights to overturn the ban on gays in the armed forces. Can they win where Lisa lost? Or are the European courts a waste of time?

2) European political strategies
The European Parliament and European Commission have limited power, but they have supported gay equality in the past. Could they be lobbied to secure E.U. action against antigay discrimination?

3) European joint campaigns
Instead of gay organisations campaigning separately in their own countries, should we be coordinating Europe-wide campaigns for the adoption of common European laws on the age of consent, partnership rights, balanced education (including sex education) in schools, military service, protection against discrimination, and parenting rights?

      As well as involving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organisations, OutRage! envisages that the Pride Human Rights Festival would also include Amnesty International and other gay-friendly civil-rights organisations such as Liberty and Charter 88.


European Queer Resources Directory

ECHR Judgements

ECHR Judgement: no respect for private life if you are transexual, 30-July-1998: CASE OF SHEFFIELD AND HORSHAM v. THE UNITED KINGDOM; Application number 00022985/93 ; 00023390/94

European Commission of Human Rights

European Commission against Racism and Intolerance

ECJ Summary of Lisa Grant Employment case

Full judgement of Lisa Grant Employment case

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly

Council of Europe

Council of Europe Youth Directorate

Council of Europe Human Rights web

Convention for Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

European Convention on Human Rights

U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

European Union - Citizens' Rights


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