AIDS Research wasted on Animal Testing

Experimentation on animals is undermining the fight against AIDS, and diverting resources away from more promising avenues of investigation. If we want to know how HIV affects humans, we need to study human physiology, (not that of other species).
Media / Propaganda
Outing is a Catalyst for Social Change --

The queer community has a right to defend itself against public figures, who abuse their power and influence to support policies which inflict suffering on homosexuals. Bishops lecture other people about being truthful: yet at least 14 of them refuse to be truthful about their own homosexuality.
The Pink Pound -- Gay Businesses should not exploit their Staff

OutRage! calls on the Gay Business Association to draw up a code of conduct opposing sexual harassment in the workplace.
Romania (1) -- Demo Stops Romanian National Opera at Royal Albert Hall

OutRage! and the Lesbian Avengers stormed the stage of the Royal Albert Hall and halted the performance of 'Aida' by the Romanian National Opera. The protesters unfurled a 15 foot banner: 'Romania! Stop Jailing Queers!'.
Queer the Vote -- Marginal Constituencies in the 1997 General Election Campaign

Gay voters could determine the election result in the country's 30 most marginal constituencies where the sitting MPs have a majority of less than 1000. OutRage! launches a new campaign --QUEER THE VOTE-- to encourage lesbians and gay men to vote homophobes out of office.
Blood Donation
Bloody Homophobia (1) -- Discrimination against Gay Blood Donors

No gay man should ever donate blood, says the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT). Safer sex is apparently not safe enough to protect the blood supply from contamination with HIV. -- Why then has THT been saying that safer sex is adequate to protect the lives of gay men?
Open Letter to the Pride Trust (1)

The Pride Festival sidelined the struggle for human rights. There was nothing particularly gay about it. The main stage was surrounded by huge business adverts; but there was no banner proclaiming gay equality. It seems that commercial interests are now dominant at Pride, and that gay community concerns are subordinate.
Mental Health
Aversion Therapy -- Letter to Royal College of Psychiatrists

For most of this century, the psychiatric profession labelled us as 'mentally ill' and forced us to undergo psychiatric treatment in a bid to make us heterosexual. This treatment included aversion therapy: the administration of electric shocks or nausea-inducing drugs.
June 1996
Labour Ditches Gay Rights

Reversing previous pledges to remove homophobic discrimination, Labour Shadow Home Office Minister, Doug Henderson, confirmed to OutRage! that the party was no longer committed to any changes in the law. On anti-discrimination legislation, (which was a Labour Manifesto promise at the 1992 election), Henderson dismissed proposals for the protection of gay employees against victimisation as a 'non-runner'.
Response to the Home Office -- Proposed Treatment of Sex Offenders

The new proposals on sex offenders lump together consensual and coercive sexual offences, and those between adults and those involving children. We believe the proposals should be restricted solely to people convicted of sexually abusing children, and should not penalise persons convicted of consensual sex with other adults or other young people of a similar age.
The Outing of Bishop Hope

The Bishop of London has finally admitted that he did not declare his 'grey' sexuality in response to the OutRage! letter. Dr. Hope was, in fact, bounced into coming out by a journalist who gave him false information.


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