Gays demand share of looted Nazi Gold -- Demonstration, Tuesday, 2-December

OutRage! has condemned suggestions that only Jewish people should benefit from a restitution agreement. We demand that everyone who suffered under the Third Reich should be entitled to a share of the gold stolen from holocaust victims by the Nazis, with priority going to those who have been denied compensation by the German government.
Section 28 and Sex Education -- Letter from Dept. Education and Employment

Further to a letter to Tony Blair, expressing severe misgivings as to what progress the lesbian and gay community can expect from the New Labour Government, the UK Dept. for Education and Employment deny that the 1988 'Section 28' restricts sex education or the challenging of stereotypes in schools.
Media / Propaganda
Sex, Homophobia, and Media Lies -- The Truth behind the Headlines

Outing by the media vs. outing by OutRage!, and the inadequacy of the Press Complaints Commission.
Letter to Helmut Kohl -- Compensation for Nazi Victims

Although the war-time service of SS guards is counted towards their pension entitlement, the years spent in concentration camps by queer prisoners are actually deducted from their pensions.
Media / Propaganda
Outing -- The Truth behind the Headlines

Outing by the media vs. outing by OutRage!, and the hypocrisy of Anglican Bishps.
Queer Remembrance Day

300 lesbians and gay men attended a Ceremony of Remembrance at London's Cenotaph to commemorate queers who died fighting Nazism and who perished in the concentration camps.
Zimbabwe President Meets British Gay Rights Activist

The notoriously homophobic President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, shook hands with and thanked British gay rights activist, Peter Tatchell, whilst enjoying a cup of tea after speaking at "Africa at 40", the International Conference on Independent Africa.
Call to suspend British aid to Zimbabwe

The Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook, is being urged to halt British aid to Zimbabwe, in protest at the country's victimisation of lesbians and gay men.
President Mugabe of Zimbabwe

OutRage! has written to the notoriously homophobic President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, (due to visit the UK later this month), challenging him to take Prof. Adams's erotic arousal test, to dispel suggestions that his antigay attitudes could be evidence of repressed homosexuality.
Equal Rights Act -- Protection for Everyone

OutRage! sets out a new legal framework to ban all forms of discrimination (including homophobic bias) through the legislation of a comprehensive Equal Rights Act and the creation of a governmental Department of Equal Rights to monitor, promote, and enforce equality of opportunity for all.
Queer Remembrance Day -- Invitation

OutRage! invite you to join us in commemorating QUEER REMEMBRANCE DAY on Sunday, 2nd November, followed by the British premiere of the gay holocaust survivors' film, We Were Marked with a Big 'A'.
Unmarried Partners Act -- New Rights for the Unwed

Gay marriage? No thanks! An Unmarried Partners Act, giving new legal rights to all unwed couples, (gay and straight), would be far more beneficial.
Response from the Pride Trust (3) -- Letter from Adam Jeanes

Following OutRage!'s open letter of August 1997, the Trust state their current position on Pride themes, homophobic participants, politicisation, sponsorship, and charging.
United Airlines (1) -- Call for European Boycott

OutRage! is calling for a Europe-wide 'Boycott United' campaign, in protest at the refusal by United Airlines to give spousal benefits to the partners of its gay employees.
United Airlines (2) -- Association of Flight Attendants thank OutRage! for Campaign

'As the elected union representative of 900 cabin crew working for United Air Lines at Heathrow, I would like to thank OutRage! for your actions concerning spousal benefits for the partners of gay employees at United. ...'
Open Letter to the Pride Trust (2) -- Exclude Homophobes

Each year's Pride events should have a human rights theme, which should be included on all publicity and advertising; and all stage performers and commercial sponsors should be required to sign a general declaration of support for equality.
Letter to Tony Blair -- after 3 months in office

Despite the message from Tony Blair read by Chris Smith at Pride earlier this month, we already have severe misgivings as to what progress the lesbian and gay community can expect from the New Labour Government. The Labour Party web site makes no mention of lesbians and gays in the Equal Opportunities section.
July 1997
Protease Inhibitors Delayed 4 Years by Animal Tests

The development of protease inhibitors was delayed for four years because the drugs killed laboratory dogs and rats. During those four years, tens of thousands of people with AIDS died needlessly. Many would still be alive if the drug companies had not made the false assumption that data gathered from other species can be applied to humans.
Invoice to New Labour Government -- Gay Law Reform

OutRage! carried a giant 8 foot x 4 foot invoice in the Gay Pride Parade, demanding that Labour should 'Pay Up Now!' for gay rights legislation promised during their recent election campaign.
Gay Paris -- A Queer Travel Guide

For anyone visiting Paris, a visit to the Centre Gai et Lesbien is essential. ... + gay bookshops + cafés ...
OutRage! Agenda for Gay Law Reform

OutRage!'s six-point programme for lesbian and gay law reform has been sent to the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.
Gays in Silent Protest at Southwark Cathedral

OutRage! staged a silent protest against Anglican support for antigay discrimination at Southwark Cathedral. The protest was directed at 60 leading Anglican primates from around the world, who were in London to plan the 1998 Lambeth Conference.
Archbishop Carey Confronted during Invasion of Lambeth Palace

Ten members of OutRage! scaled the walls of Lambeth Palace and confronted Archbishop George Carey, protesting against his comments ruling out any rôle in the Church for clergy in homosexual relationships and opposing same-sex marriage.
Election Protest in Michael Portillo's Constituency

OutRage! zapped the constituency of the Defence Secretary, Michael Portillo, erecting a huge billboard proclaiming 'Portillo Screws Queer Soldiers', in protest at his enforcement of the ban on gays in the military.
Mental Health
Most Homophobes are Gay -- 20 MPs challenged

New research suggests that 80 percent of men who are homophobic have secret homosexual feelings. When Prof. Henry E. Adams showed gay videos to homophobic men who said they were exlusively heterosexual, four out of five became sexually aroused. OutRage! has written to 20 homophobic MPs, challenging them to take Prof. Adams's test.
Armed Forces
Against Queer Militarism -- Why should gays march straight?

No hetero institution is more deserving of our scepticism than the armed forces. Lesbians and gay men have a responsibility to refuse allegiance to a homophobic State and military system.
Smash the Ghetto -- Commercial Scene vs. Integration

London's gay ghetto, Old Compton Street, is a district where queers can be out and feel unthreatened. But, like all ghettos, it can also create the illusion of freedom, and substitute escapist retreat for the challenge of confronting homophobia.
Blood Donation
Bloody Homophobia (2) -- International Survey of Blood Donation Policies

The blanket ban in the UK on gay men and other groups as blood donors is based on irrational prejudice. However, some other countries are already rethinking their policies.
Romania (2) -- ILGA and OutRage! Launch Boycott of Romanian Wine

Gay groups are urging a boycott of Romanian wine in response to the Romanian government's decision to break its promise, given to the Council of Europe in 1993, to decriminalise homosexuality.


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