Tatchell Moral Victory for Easter Sunday Cathedral Protest

Summary of the trial, and the verdict.
Media / Propaganda
Outing of Nick Brown condemned

The outing of Agriculture Minister Nick Brown by the threat of tabloid relevations has heen condemned by OutRage!.
Queer Remembrance Day

Gay WWII veteran Dudley Cave addressed 100 lesbians and gay men at a moving Ceremony of Remembrance at London's Cenotaph to commemorate queers who died fighting Nazism and who perished in the concentration camps.

updated 29-November-1998
Tatchell stands trial over Easter Sunday cathedral protest

Britain's top civil liberties lawyer, Mike Mansfield, QC, will represent Peter Tatchell at his trial in Canterbury on Monday, 30th November. Amnesty International is monitoring the case; and the National Secular Society has launched an Appeal for Signatures in support of the right to peaceful protest.
The trial will be the first court case involving the privileged legal status of the church since the Gay News blasphemy trial in 1977.
Media / Propaganda
Gay Protest at Sir David English's Memorial Service

Gay rights campaigners breached the Prime Minister's security net to stage a silent protest during today's Memorial Service for the archhomophobe and former editor of the Daily Mail, Sir David English.
Tatchell Essay in Book on 20th Century Protest

An essay by gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell of OutRage! is featured in 'The Penguin Book of Twentieth Century Protest', to be launched on Monday, 12th October.

updated 25-October-1998
Queer Remembrance Day -- Invitation

OutRage! invite you to join us in commemorating QUEER REMEMBRANCE DAY on Sunday, 1st November, at London's Cenotaph.
Call for a Pride Human Rights Festival

OutRage! is urging that next year's Euro-Pride celebrations in London include a Pride Human Rights Festival, where L/G/B/T and other gay-friendly civil-rights organisations explore legal and political issues in a European context.
Zimbabwe: Trumped-up Prosecution of GALZ President on Sodomy Charges

GALZ leader Keith Goddard has been arrested on charges of forced sodomy - despite the police possession of evidence that the alleged 'victim' had been attempting to blackmail and extort money from Goddard.
'Zone of Toleration' for Gay Sex in Russell Square?

A gay sex "zone of toleration" in London's Russell Square is being proposed by OutRage! as a way of reducing public complaints and police harassment arising from gay cruising and sex in the Square at night, similar to schemes which operate in parks in Copenhagen and Amsterdam.
DANGER! Labour Age of Consent Fudge

OutRage! has condemned the Government's proposals for new legislation in the autumn on the age of consent as 'vague, minimalist, insulting and manipulative'. We deplore the Home Secretary's refusal to announce a moratorium on the prosecution of 16 and 17-year-old gay men and their partners. This means that thousands of young gay men will remain at risk of arrest until the new Bill is passed, which will probably take another two years.
Boating Bishops picketed by Mitred Protesters

Forty gay rights activists demonstrated, 28th July, as 800 Anglican bishops from the Lambeth Conference arrived to take a boat trip down the Thames. Some of the protesters were dressed as bishops, nuns and priests. Support was offered by several Conference delegates who smiled and waved approval.
House of Lords besieged by Gay Rights Protesters

Queer activists besieged the House of Lords blockading the exits after peers voted by 289 to 122 against an equal age of consent for gay men.
Carey hides from Gay Rights Protesters

The Archbishop of Canterbury has been accused of cowardice after he was smuggled by minders into the opening session of the Lambeth Conference by the back door, to avoid lesbian and gay rights protesters from OutRage! who were peacefully picketing the front entrance.
Same-Sex Partners in the 2001 Census

In the 1991 census, a significant number of lesbian and gay couples recorded that they were living together as partners: but the Census Division 'corrected' this, to erase any record of homosexual partners.
Labour vetoes Equality

The newly-agreed equal age of consent will not apply to Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man. Tony Blair is unwilling to press the local parliaments to equalise their ages of consent at 16, to bring them into line with the rest of the UK.
Despite the equalisation of the age of consent, men of 20 or over convicted of consensual "buggery" and "gross indecency" with 16- and 17-year-olds in situations where more than two persons are present or where the sex takes place in parks, backrooms, toilets and other "public" places will still be branded as pædophiles and forced to sign the Sex Offenders' Register.
Vigil for Equality -- 22nd June, 6-10 p.m., Westminster

OutRage! is urging its friends and supporters to join the 'Vigil for Equality' on Monday, 22nd June, outside the House of Commons, from 6 - 10 p.m.. While MP's vote on equalising the gay age of consent, the Vigil, called by the Equality Alliance, will be calling for the repeal of all laws that discriminate against homosexual men and women.
Court refuses witness summons for Dr. Carey

Canterbury Magistrates Court have refused: to allow Peter Tatchell to summon the Archbishop of Canterbury as a witness; to allow him to secure evidence that is being withheld by the prosecution; and to relocate the trial from Canterbury, where one of the key prosecution witnesses is a magistrate.

Terrence McNally's new play, Corpus Christi, defended

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in New York has vowed to 'wage a war' against any attempt to stage a new play, Corpus Christi, by American playwright, Terrence McNally. A scheduled run at the Manhattan Theatre Club was cancelled, following threats by right-wing extremists and religious zealots to kill the staff, burn down the theatre and 'exterminate' McNally.
Tatchell attacks prosecution as a waste of public money

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has condemned his prosecution over OutRage!'s Canterbury Cathedral protest as 'a violation of the right to peaceful protest and an extravagant waste of police and court resources, which has already cost Canterbury taxpayers thousands of pounds'.
Government excludes gays from Human Rights and Crime & Disorder Bills

The Government has rejected proposals by OutRage! (1) to amend the Human Rights Bill to ensure the antidiscrimination clause is interpreted by the courts to ban discrimination against lesbians and gays and people with HIV; and (2) to amend the Crime and Disorder Bill to extend the tough new penalties for race-hate attacks to all prejudice-motivated violence, including assaults on homosexuals.
OutRage! Amendment to the Human Rights Bill Tabled

OutRage!'s amendment to the Human Rights Bill was tabled last Monday, 18th May, by top Liberal Democrat, Robert Maclennan, MP. Because the new amendment guarantees nondiscrimination to all, it will be much harder for MPs to oppose it. They will not be able to claim we are pleading for special rights or privileges.
Homophobic Response at London Oratory School -- School Leafleted in Section 28 Protest

Calling for an end to the censorship of gay issues in the classroom, members of OutRage! handed 'It's OK to be GAY!' leaflets to pupils arriving at the London Oratory School. OutRage! is calling for the repeal of Section 28, and new legislation requiring all schools to provide honest, nonjudgemental information about homosexuality.
Tougher Penalties for Homophobic Hate Crimes -- Proposed Amendment to the Crime & Disorder Bill

Richard Allan MP (Lib. Dem.) has tabled an OutRage!-sponsored amendment to the Crime and Disorder Bill to increase penalties for queer-bashing, to afford lesbian and gay people the same legal protection as ethnic minorities.

Tatchell fights to defend the right to peaceful protest

Peter Tatchell plans to make his court hearing a 'civil liberties test case' when he appears at Canterbury Magistrates Court. He is calling for the repeal of the law under which he has been charged, arguing that it gives the Church privileged immunity from public protest and dissent.
Protection for Sexual and Religious Minorities -- Proposed Amendment to the Crime & Disorder Bill

An OutRage! amendment to Section 68 of the Crime and Disorder Bill to extend the tough new penalties for race hate crimes to crimes of prejudice against homosexuals and religious believers will be tabled by MP's in the Committee stage, with cross-party support.
Call for Vigil for Equality at Westminster -- Demand for TOTAL Gay Rights

OutRage! is proposing a mass Vigil for Equality outside the House of Commons on the night MP's vote on equalising the age of consent; and is proposing that the theme of the protest should be '16 is not enough! Scrap ALL antigay laws!'
Justin Fashanu

The death of Justin Fashanu is a tragedy. He was a sincere, warm-hearted person who was destroyed by homophobia, Christian fundamentalism, and a lack of support from fellow football players and managers.
Tony Blair -- the strength of my personal commitment to gay rights

In a 'webcast' interview with Sir David Frost on 29th April, Tony Blair states in his own words how firmly his christian principles drive him to support L/G/B/T equality. -- NOT!
Tatchell to summons Archbishop Carey as a witness

Peter Tatchell has announced plans to issue a witness summons to require the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, to testify as a defence witness. This will be the first time in modern history that an Archbishop of Canterbury has been summonsed to court.
Archbishop of Canterbury interrupted in Easter Sermon

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey, was surrounded in his pulpit by gay rights protesters as he was delivering his Easter Sunday sermon in Canterbury Cathedral. Seven members of OutRage!, who had been seated in the congregation, climbed the stairs into the pulpit, and displayed placards deploring his support of antigay discrimination.
The Rise of Islamic Fundamentalism in Britain

Islamic fundamentalism is a growing religious and political force in Britain, "including a rabid homophobia that mirrors the bigotry of Christian and Jewish fundamentalists. Few British Muslims urge the execution of queers. But even moderate Islamic leaders denounce the "evil" of homosexuality. Members of the Muslim Parliament want to see gay sex outlawed and homosexuals imprisoned.
The New Dark Ages -- the global threat of Islamic fundamentalism

For hundreds of millions of people in parts of the Middle-East, Africa and South-East Asia, the fervour of modern Muslim extremism echoes the zealotry of the original Dark Ages in mediæval Europe. Fundamentalist clerics proclaim that there cannot be the slightest degree of mercy or compassion for many groups, including lesbians and gay men.
Equality Alliance launched

In an unprecedented turning point in the history of gay politics this decade, over 70 national gay rights and international human rights organisations have voted unanimously to relaunch the 'Campaign for Equality Standing Forum' as the 'EQUALITY ALLIANCE' on Saturday 4th April at the Conway Hall, London.
What do YOU know about Cardinal Ratzinger's Sexuality -- Information sought about Vatican Homophobe

OutRage! needs information about Cardinal Ratzinger of the Vatican. What do you know about his sexuality? We need details that can be corroborated. If Ratzinger is gay, he deserves to be outed because he is arguably the most homophobic of all Vatican leaders, being responsible for two of the most virulently antigay declarations ever made by the Catholic leadership.
Catholic Homophobia -- good catholics should discriminate against lesbians and gay men

A letter to OutRage! from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, written on behalf of Cardinal Hume, declares the Catholic Church's support for discrimination against lesbians and gay men with regard to marriage and immigration rights, social housing, joint property, taxation, and welfare benefits. It turns down a request to endorse a reduction in the gay male age of consent to 16, to establish parity with heterosexuals. Indeed, there is no homosexual law reform which Cardinal Hume and his bishops feel able to support. They have given their official blessing to every key aspect of legal bias against lesbians and gay men.
OutRage! proposes amendments to the Human Rights Bill

OutRage! proposes amendments to the U.K. Human Rights Bill, to outlaw discrimination against gay people and people with HIV. If accepted, this would do more for gay equality than any other single legislative reform.
Islamophobia conference ends in violent uproar -- fundamentalists threaten to kill gay activist

Islamic fundamentalists tried to beat up a gay man and threatened to kill him at a London conference on "Islamophobia", designed to promote understanding and tolerance of Muslim values, and attended by Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders.
Letter to Prime Minister Rasmussen of Denmark

OutRage! request the Danish government to investigate how the Nazi doctor, Carl Værnet, was allowed to escape to Argentina after the war, and not tried for the castration of and forced hormonal implants on gay concentration camp prisoners.
Letter to President Menen of Argentina -- Barbaric 'Experiments' by Nazi Dr. Værnet

OutRage! request the Argentine government to discover the fate of the Nazi doctor, Carl Værnet, a pro-Nazi Danish citizen who served in the SS, conducting barbaric medical experiments --including castration and forced hormonal implants-- on gay concentration camp prisoners at Buchenwald and Neuengamme, and then fled to Argentina after the war.
Home Office Support for L/G/B/T Select Committee

Home Office Minister Mike O'Brien, MP, has expressed support for the idea of a House of Commons Select Committee report on discrimination against lesbians and gay men, proposed by OutRage! earlier this month.

Major Gay Rights Groups Unite in Campaign Forum

Following a meeting on Saturday, 7th March, at the King Edward VI in London, ten of the nation's most important gay rights groups have joined forces in the fight for lesbian, gay and bisexual equality. We will demonstrate unequivocally to the Government, all political parties, and all Members of Parliament that the continuing denial of lesbian and gay human rights is intolerable, and that we are no longer prepared to be treated as second-class citizens.
Home Affairs Select Committee -- Legal Discrimination against Lesbians and Gay Men

A letter from OutRage! to the U.K. Home Affairs Select Committee proposes a six-point programme for lesbian and gay law reform to the New Labour administration.
Merck concedes Animal Research delayed Protease Inhibitors for HIV

Merck now concedes that the development of protease inhibitors was halted in 1989 because the drugs killed laboratory dogs and rats. Merck's current protease inhibitor, crixivan, did not begin clinical trials until four years later, in 1993. Meanwhile, worldwide, tens of thousands of people with HIV had died.
Was Jesus Gay?

US Biblical scholar, Morton Smith, of Columbia University, a fragment of manuscript found near Jerusalem suggests that Jesus was gay.
Candlelit Protest at Westminster

100 demonstrators gathered outside the Palace of Westminster to protest at the prosecution of the 'Bolton 7', which has wantonly traumatised the defendants and wasted half a million pounds of taxpayers' money.
Bolton 7 -- Convicted but not jailed

Although convicted of consenting gay sex in the privacy of their own homes, the 'Bolton 7' walked free from court. The case demonstrates that the gay community remains vulnerable to police witch-hunts based on antiquated laws from the 16th century.
Bolton 7 -- Protests grow louder

Protests are escalating against the conviction of seven men in Bolton, Greater Manchester, for consenting sex in the privacy of their own homes. None would have been arrested if their partners had been women.
German Embassy pursues redress for gay holocaust victims

The German Embassy in London has sent Chancellor Helmut Kohl a list of OutRage! proposals to remedy the injustices suffered by gay holocaust victims.

updated 22nd and 30th Jan.
Help save the Bolton 7 -- Gay men convicted of consenting sex

Seven men were convicted on 12th January for consenting gay sex in the privacy of their own homes in Bolton. The offences came to light only after police seized videos of the men having sex. OutRage! is urging that letters of support be sent to the men's solicitor.


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